Dissertations/Theses Advised – Major Advisor

  • Timothy Jennings
    Ph.D., expected May 2015, STS Blacksburg
    “Responsibility in STS and Biotechnology.”
  • Merc Fox
    Ph.D., expected May 2015, STS Blacksburg
    “History of Seismology in Iran.”
  • William Mullis
    Ph.D., expected May 2014, STS Greater Capital Region
    “High-Water Mark: Gender, Diversity, and the Science and Engineering Equal Opportunity Act of 1980.”
  • Margaret Layne
    Ph.D., expected May 2014, STS Blacksburg
    “High-Water Mark: Gender, Diversity, and the Science and Engineering Equal Opportunity Act of 1980.”
  • Sharon Elber
    Ph.D., expected May 2014, STS Blacksburg
    “Epistemology and Education at the Intersection of Science and Performance”
  • Thomas Bigley
    Ph.D., expected December 2014, STS Blacksburg
    “Patent Law and Chinese Nationalism”
  • Sumitra Nair
    Ph.D., expected May 2013, STS Blacksburg
    “Mustering India: Rural Poverty and the Promises of the Information Economy.”
  • John Tucker
    Ph.D. August 2013, STS Greater Capital Region
    “Technologies of Intelligence and their Relation to National Security Policy: A Case Study of the U.S. and the V-2 Rocket”
    (co-chair with Shannon Brown)
  • Thomas Faigle
    Ph.D. expected December 2012, STS Blacksburg
    “The Career Community College.”
  • Kacey Beddoes
    Ph.D., December 2011, STS Blacksburg
    “Practices of Brokering: Between STS and Feminist Engineering Education Research.”
  • Kuo-Hui Chang
    Ph.D., December 2010, STS Blacksburg
    “Engineering Construction as Community Formation: the High-speed Railway, Localized-democracy and Hybrid Culture in Taiwan”
  • Brent Jesiek
    Ph.D., May 2007, STS Blacksburg
    Between Discipline and Profession: A History of Persistent Instability in Computer Engineering.
    (Recipient, 2007 Outstanding Dissertation Award, Graduate School, Virginia Tech; Assistant Professor, Engineering Education, Purdue University)
  • Wairimu Njambi
    Ph.D., May 2001, Program STS Blacksburg
    Science and the Debate over Female Circumcision
    (Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic Honors College)
  • Amy Crumpton
    Ph.D., December 1998, STS Blacksburg
    Epidemiology and Environmental Justice
    (Associate Curator, American Association for the Advancement of Science)
  • Juan Lucena
    Ph.D., December 1996, STS Blacksburg
    Making Policy for Making People: Manpower Policy at the National Science Foundation
    (Associate Professor, Colorado School of Mines)
  • Juan Rogers
    Ph.D., May 1996, STS Blacksburg
    Multiple Discourses on Information Infrastructure.
    (Associate Professor of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Rafael Balderrama
    Ph.D., May 1996, STS Blacksburg
    Standardization in Agricultural Machinery.
    (Visiting Professor, University of Texas)
  • Dey W. Watts
    Ph.D., May 1995
    Department of Landscape Architecture, An Ethnomethodological Study of Architectural Design.
    (Associate Professor of Geography, Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
  • Chung-Hsi Lin Ph.D.
    May 1994, STS Blacksburg
    The Politics of Development of Scientific Development in Taiwan: The Hepatitis B Control Program.
    (Associate Professor, Cultural Conservation, Yun Lin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)
  • Maarten Heyboer, Ph.D.
    May 1992, STS Blacksburg
    The Grass Counters: Range Management as Applied Science.
    (Associate Professor of Science and Technology Studies, State University of New York, Utica)
  • John Gibney
    M.S., expected May 2012, STS Greater Capital Region
    Exam option
  • Grace Hood
    M.S. expected December 2012, STS Blacksburg
    exam option
  • Margaret Layne
    M.S., May 2012, STS Blacksburg
    Exam option
  • Timothy Jennings
    M.S., May 2012, STS Blacksburg
    Exam option
  • Sumitra Nair
    M.S., May 2012, STS Blacksburg
    Exam option
  • Nicholas Sakellariou
    M.S., May 2008, STS Blacksburg
    (Ph.D. student, Environment and Society, University of California, Berkeley)
  • Masanori Wada
    M.S., December 2007, STS Blacksburg
    “Engineering Education and the Spirit of Samurai at the Imperial College of Engineering in Tokyo, 1871-1886”
    (Ph.D. student, History, University of Tokyo)
  • Sharon Elber
    M.S., December 2007, STS Blacksburg
    non-thesis option
    (Ph.D. student, STS, Virginia Tech)
  • Cora Olson
    M.S., May 2007, STS Blacksburg
    non-thesis option
    (Ph.D. student, STS, Virginia Tech)
  • John Fiore
    M.S., December 2004, STS Greater Capital Region
    non-thesis option
  • Amy Nichols
    M.S., May 2003, STS Blacksburg
    “Globalization on the Ground: An Ethnography of Volunteerism, Health, and Development in Rural Tanzania”
    (Ph.D. student, cultural anthropology, University of Virginia)
  • Brent Jesiek
    M.S., May 2003, STS Blacksburg
    “Of Meme and Metaphor: Following the Evolution of a Controversial Discipline”
    (Ph.D. student, STS Blacksburg, Virginia Tech)
  • Stephen Garber
    M.S., January 2002, STS Greater Capital Region
    “Birds of a Feather?: How Politics and Culture Affected the Designs of the U.S. Space Shuttle and the Soviet Buran”
    (Staff Historian, NASA)
  • Krista Gile
    M.S., May 2000, STS Blacksburg
    non-thesis option
    (Ph.D. student, Statistics, University of Washington)
  • Angela Ragusa
    M.S., May 2000, STS Blacksburg
    non-thesis option
    (Ph.D. student, Sociology, Virginia Tech)
  • Bingbing Yu
    M.S. May 1999, STS Blacksburg,
    (Ph.D. student, Instructional Technology, Case Western Reserve University)
  • Ming-hui Hu
    M.S., May 1997, STS Blacksburg
    “Maintaining NASTRAN: The Politics and Technics of Aerospace Computing”
    (Ph.D. student, Department of History, UCLA)
  • Carmen Sears
    M.S., December 1996, STS Blacksburg,
    “(Re)Visions of the Village.”
    (Senior Manager, Teloquent [software firm], Cambridge, Massachusetts.)
  • Tobin White
    M.S., May 1996, STS Blacksburg,
    “How to Do a Physics Problem: Negotiation of Student Identities in Undergraduate Physics Courses.”
    (Ph.D. Student, Education, Standford University.)
  • Sharon Hegg
    M.S., May 1995, STS Blacksburg,
    “A Guide to the Experiances of Undergaduate Women Engineers.”
    (Engineer/planner for Microsoft, Inc.)
  • Chris Furlow
    M.S., May 1993, STS Blacksburg,
    “The Islamization of Scientific Knowledge.”
    (Ph.D. candidiate, History, University of Quebec at Montreal.)
  • Virginia Salmon
    M.S., May 1991, STS Blacksburg,
    “Technical Theatre and the Computer.”
    (Librarian, state college, Tennessee)
  • Maarten Heybower
    M.S., September 1989, STS Blacksburg,
    “Knowledge Development in Applied Science: The Case of Range Management.”
    (see above)
  • Hong L. Oei
    M.S., June 1989 , STS Blacksburg,
    “A Study of Multi-Disciplinary Research Centers at Virginia Tech.”
    (Ph.D. 1994, Public Administration and Policy, Virginia Tech. Senior staff person, National Science Foundation, The Netherlands.)

Committee Member

  • Brent Voelker
    M.S., expected May 2010, STS Alexandria
  • Jennifer Henderson
    Ph.D., expected May 2015, STS Blacksburg
    “The Emergence of Weather Prediction.”
  • Yong-Seok Park
    Ph.D. expected May 2014, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    “Collaborative Design.”
  • Amy Kaminski
    Ph.D., expected May 2014, STS Greater Capital Region
  • Frankie Bausch
    Ph.D., STS Blacksburg,
    “Design and Software Engineering”
    [leave of absence].
  • Chris Hays
    M.S., May 2009, STS Blacksburg
    exam option
  • Lorraine Woellert
    Ph.D., expected May 2010, STS Greater Capital Region,
    “Identity, Internet, and Inuit.”
  • Victoria Friedensen
    Ph.D., expected May 2012, STS Greater Capital Region,
     “Risk Communication and Space Science.”
  • Chris Hays
    Ph.D., expected December 2011, STS Blacksburg
    “Knowledge and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”
  • John Tucker
    Ph.D., expected May 2011, STS Greater Capital Region
     “American Intelligence, Unwilling Technology Transfer, and the V-2 Missile: A Case Study in the Epistemology of Technical Knowledge.”
  • Jongmin Lee
    Ph.D., August 2013, STS Blacksburg
    “Engineering the Environment: Regulatory Engineering in the EPA’s Office of Research & Development: 1970-1980”
  • Cora Olson
    Ph.D. expected December 2010, STS Blacksburg,
    “Doping Regulation in the United States”
  • Jonson Miller
    Ph.D., December 2008, STS Blacksburg
    “Citizen Soldiers and Professional Engineers: The Antebellum Engineering Culture of the Virginia Military Institute.”
  • Absalom Phiri
    Ph.D., May 2008,Teaching and Learning Virginia Tech
    “Science Education and Indigenous Knowledge in Malawi.”
  • Jane Lehr
    Ph.D., December 2006, STS Blacksburg
    “Science Education & Non-Scientists: Social Justice, Scientific Literacy, and the Remaking of Democratic Citizenship”
  • Laura DeNardis
    Ph.D., May 2006,STS Alexandria
    “Politics of the Next Generation Internet.”
  • John McGlaughlin
    Ph.D., May 2006, Teaching and Learning, Virginia Tech
    “Social Shaping of Biotechnology in the Classroom”
  • Gabriella Coleman
    Ph.D. June 2005,  Anthropology, University of Chicago
    “The Free Software Movement”.
  • Dean Nieusma
    Ph.D., December 2004, STS Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    “Appropriate Expertise: Alternative Energy Technology Design in Sri Lanka.”
  • Maria Rentetzi
    Ph.D., May 2003, STS Blacksburg
    “Crossing Boundaries: The Gendered Production of Knowledge at the Institute for Radium Research in Vienna, 1920-1938.”
  • Stephen Poulson
    Ph.D., December 2002, Sociology, Virginia Tech
    “Islamic Soverignty as a Social Movement Frame in 20th Century Iran.”
  • Annette Huston
    Ph.D., December 2001, STS Blacksburg
    “Carillion: A Corporate System of Managed Health Care.”
  • Brenda Brand
    Ph.D., May 1998, Teaching and Learning Virginia Tech
    “Multiculturalism in Science Teaching and Learning.”
  • Seungho Jung
    Ph.D., December 1997, Department of Industrial Systems Engineering
    “Total Quality Management between Organizations.”
  • Charlotte Webb
    Ph.D., December 1997, STS Blacksburg,
    “A History of the Virginia Academy of Science.”
  • Stuart Laughton
    Ph.D., May 1996, Department of Computer Science
    “An Ethnography of Internet-based Applications in Education.”
  • Govindan Parayil
    Ph.D., May 1990, STS Blacksburg
    “Conceptualizing Technological Change: A Trans-Systemic Approach.”
  • Steve Downes
    Ph.D., May 1990, STS Blacksburg
    “Prospects for a Cognitive Science of Science.”
  • Michael Riordan
    Ph.D., June 1989, Department of Accounting
    “A Profile of the Accounting Profession.”
  • Mike Conners
    M.S., expected May 2011, STS Greater Capital Region
    “Surveillance and Society.”
  • Allison Martin
    M.S., expected May 2007, STS Blacksburg
    “Breaking News or Business Novelty: Technology Coverage in Modern American Print Media.”
  • Frankie Bausch
    M.S., May 2002, STS Blacksburg
    “Examining One’s Own: Reflexivity and Critique in STS.”
  • Victoria Friedensen
    M.S., December 1999, STS Falls Church
    “Nuclear Policy in Space.”
  • Joseph Kestel
    M.S., May 1999, STS Blacksburg
    “Don’t Take My Kodachrome Away: Eastman Kodak and the Digital Age.”
  •  Sherry Dawson
    M.S., May 1988, Sociology
    “The Meanings of Literacy.”
  • Maureen McArthur
    M.S., May 1997, STS Blacksburg
    “Entrepreneurial Activity in the University.”
  • Michael Seltzer
    M.S., August 1993, STS Blacksburg
    “Post-World War II Controversies over Radiation Testing.”
  • Tracy Glenn
    M.S., May 1991, STS Blacksburg
    “Language Change in Chaos Theory.”
  • William Lynch
    M.S., August 1989, STS Blacksburg
    “Politics in Hobbes\’ Mechanics: A Case Study in the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge.”
  • Adam Serchuk
    M.S., May 1989, STS Blacksburg
    “Connectionism, Disciplinary Identity, and Continuity.”
  • David M. Bott
    M.S., December 1988, STS Blacksburg
    “Program Officers at the National Science Foundation: A Case Study of the Biological Instrumentation Program.”
  • Robert Griffiths
    M.S., June 1988, STS Blacksburg
    “Drug Lag in the Chemical Industry.”