4S governance documents

  • 4S President’s Handbook (Downey & Suchman) 2021. pdf
  • 4S Governance Review Committee report 2013 (Bijker, Jasanoff, Lynch & Wajcman). pdf
  • 4S Charter (original). pdf


  • 4S timeline archive 2014-2015 (Downey presidency).  docx
  • 53 4S members in leadership positions 2014-2015. pdf
  • Sample Council agenda 2014 (showing committee work & reporting).  pdf
  • 4S nominations process 2014: Council minutes + committee report (Claire Waterton, chair) pdf


  • Ad Hoc Committee on U.S. Immigration Policy and Scholarly Work. 2003. “U.S. Immigration Policy and Scholarly Work.” Society for Social Studies of Science (  (served as committee chair).
  • Downey, Gary.  2002. “Recruitment, Retention, Advancement: What Works?: Group Report,” pp. 45-47 in Diversity in Engineering: Managing the Workforce of the Future (Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press).
  • Downey, Gary L.  1981.  Citizen Action Groups and WIPP.  Report to the National Research Council Panel on Social and Economic Aspects of Radioactive Waste Management.  Washington: National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council, (51 pages).